There he goes,

flawless in all manner of ways.

So perfect, like a dream,

taking me to a world without woes,

far exhilarating

than where we’re supposed to be.

He’s the only person I see,

the only man I want to be with.

His bewitching black eyes,

sweet and soothing smile.

warm embrace,

with his hands wrapped around my waist,

his unavoidable calm vibe,

his kindness that I awfully adore.

His charm,

impeding infidelity from my side.

I don’t have the whole,

But merely a part of him completes me.

Perfectly imperfect are we.

Like the sun and its shine.

Damn. He’s one of a kind.

Or maybe

One in a million kind of guy,

sent in the world,

Just for me.


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