Life Elements Poetry

Look Out.

Beware of the devil.

Are you looking at the way

they are looking at you?

Go hide in the dark,

they’ll still find you.

Sit in a lit up room,

and feel them around you.

Making room in your heart

like a beautiful work of art.

Keep looking inside yourself

the same way you did the last time.

I hereby plead in front of you,

to free yourself from this race

trying your hardest to win the crown.

Cause everything will fade away.

And they’ll always drag you down.

It’s not your beauty that they envy,

but their flaws that they try to hide.

For the demons under your bed

will keep tormenting your soul;

trying to pull it apart,

as long as you keep feeding them

like you did right from the start,

with all your disheartening lies.

By Harman Kaur

A self-love writer who creates authentic websites for fellow writers and poets to build their professional portfolios. DM for more details.

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