Love & More Poetry


For all your efforts

went in vain,

trying to build us

a castle in disguise.

For all the hurt,

bruises and pain,

deeply from my heart,

I apologise.

I’m sorry for I acted insane;

excessive heat in the name of sunshine.

Treated you like a star

when you were the moon;

wisest of the wise.

I’m glad that now,

you no longer have the storms,

lightening or rain,

with my exit

for the inability to reflect

my rays.

All I wish for you is

happiness and love

in your life

with the one who’s safe,

calm and will surely let you rise.

By Harman 🌻

I am a self-love poet who enjoys sharing words of wisdom, self-love and encouragement to uplift all the kind souls stuck in the paranoia of self-doubt. Feel free to get in touch with me for a genuine conversation :)

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