Love & More Poetry


You pulled me closer to your chest,

I could hear my heart beats going wild.

I was so in love with you,

couldn’t help but ignore all the negative signs.

I remember that dark cold evening

when our hands were intertwined.

You whispered those three magical words

while looking straight in my eyes.

The Sun had set a long ago.

It was past midnight

when I felt you breathing next to me

and your lips caressing mine.

Your fingers stroked the hair on my face.

Damn! I was rising above cloud nine.

Everything felt beautiful,

like a little earthen lamp

who had discovered its long lost light.

Until the day

these wonderful dreams

turned into horrible nightmares

when you started deceiving my sight.

You uttered all the right phrases

but your actions proved otherwise.

You put words in my mouth

when I wanted to stay quiet.

You caused me misery and pain

while claiming I was one of a kind.

I was yours to keep and love

but behind the caged bars,

I felt confined.

Boy! I was hurting,

still made you believe you can fly.

And you paid me back with nothing

but a permanent scar inside.

Now that I’ve let you go,

I hope you are doing alright.

But one thing I can assure you of –

seeing the woman who loved you for real

walk away half bruised and tainted

because of your inadequacy to hold on to her,

will haunt you for life.

By Harman 🌻

I am a self-love poet who enjoys sharing words of wisdom, self-love and encouragement to uplift all the kind souls stuck in the paranoia of self-doubt. Feel free to get in touch with me for a genuine conversation :)

123 replies on “Hurt.”

The imagery is honest and strong. The words come from a place of emotional pain, and that makes them that much more visceral. The ending is especially poignant, because the man in the end is hurting himself by breaking himself off from any capacity for love. He is his own worst villain.

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