With my tired soul,

still shivering of the bruises

and the pain that it once felt,

the trauma that I’ve been through

and the attempt to wipe off the mess,

I forgive every single person

who made me question my strength,

and pray for the growth

of their fixed mindset,

for we’ve all got problems in life,

the solutions to which,

we find hard to get.

So, I respect them,

for they were just being themselves.

Wouldn’t want

a single more second wasted

on crying, and to beg

for the people who cared enough

would’ve never given up and left.

I wonder if I ever caused

someone to feel the same kind of unwell,

I apologize for my unawareness

that everyone could easily comprehend.

I acknowledge the wrongs

that I never really meant,

the harsh words

that provoked them to get mad and yell,

for they deserve better than

being someone else’s doormat.

I wonder why

I religiously worshiped the hell?

Though the damage

that I caused and received

shouldn’t deliberately

make me feel that upset,

for I am a person,

And I was too just being true to myself.

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