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Dealing With Depression.

Hello beautiful people.

Before you start reading, I must tell you that this would’ve been a long post, so I split it into small parts for you to get a clear picture and an in-depth knowledge of what we’re talking about here.

All I want is to share everything that I know about depression and how to deal with it.

Please read, share and save a life.

The more we try to avoid talking about it, the more it gets into our head. I’ve seen people on the peak of their careers who failed to overcome depression and ended up committing suicide.

I’ve always written about self-love when I should have been writing about the reasons why it is so difficult for people to fall in love themselves. And depression is one of the most disturbing and vicious of all.

It’s been quite a long time that I’ve been talking to people about what’s bothering them, and there are a few things that are common for all.

Before I dig deep into those things, let me start off by explaining the real meaning of depression, and the mindset of an individual having suicidal thoughts.

What is Depression?

I’ve read a share of articles that describe depression as a feeling of loss and fear. Some of them stated depression as an emotional disorder. However, it is much more than just a condition of mood swings.

We’ve all been there, but we made it out of the pitfall whereas some couldn’t. So, it’s our responsibility to help them out.

It starts with “I’m not good enough” and ends up in taking up our lives. If you see these signs in someone, please ask them to reach out for help.

I’ve had enough conversations with people suffering from self-doubt, who were not at all willing to talk it out as they believed that people would judge them or will make fun of them. Honestly, I don’t blame them for thinking this way.

There must be a reason why they feel like being attacked for expressing their feelings, which is heartbreaking.

No one is born with depression. It’s this fucked up society that has made them question their worth.

The point is that it is more about the people surrounding the depressed person, rather than someone who is suffering. We are so self-involved that we often forget to ask our near and dear ones about their emotions.

We are extremely busy in our lives, I know, but what about the people we love who have no one except you to talk to? If we’re not there for them, who will?

If you want to help someone, the first thing you need to understand is the thoughts that go through their mind, which I’ll be talking about now.

Mindset of a Depressed Person

When someone seems overly complicated, lost and seeks an answer for their overthinking and questions, that person is going into depression. It is more than just feeling sad over a breakup.

Their world is constantly sinking. They are more prone to living in the dark than go out for a walk. Even if they go out with friends, the moment they re-enter their home/room, their world starts falling apart.

They have had pretty bad experiences, which made them less trusting and silent. They’ve spent countless days questioning their worth and nights crying over why they aren’t good enough.

They have no clue why they’re feeling such emotions, so please don’t tell them that “It will be fine” because it’s easier said than done for them.

One moment they are over the top, feeling life, and the other second, their whole world comes crashing down. All they want to do is stuff their heads into their pillow and cry out.

Merely telling them to “Stay calm”, “Everything will be alright” or “Have faith in God” does not help, at all.

They don’t need solutions to overcome this feeling, but a trustworthy person who could just listen to what they have to say, without any judgments.

Please be this person for them 🙂

Writing about this was so damn important to me, because I can’t see my closed ones or their loved ones suffer due to something that isn’t even their fault in the first place.

A single thought of losing my family members or friends because of depression, scares me to death and almost had me in tears.

Please ask your friends, siblings and even your parents if something’s bothering them.

Don’t think about it as a difficult conversation but something that would save time and endless emotional devoid of your loved ones.

Look out for these signs.

Sometimes, people don’t feel like talking to their friends or families about their real emotions due to the fear of coming out as over dramatic, clingy or being a pile-on.

People suffering from depression are the kindest human beings. They’ve been through so much, but they won’t let their emotions ruin your day, which is why they don’t express their emotions to you.

So, they turn to strangers. And I request you to be a kind and loving stranger for them to talk to.

Be there for them, or just redirect them to people who can help.

Stay tuned.

By Harman 🌻

I am a self-love poet who enjoys sharing words of wisdom, self-love and encouragement to uplift all the kind souls stuck in the paranoia of self-doubt. Feel free to get in touch with me for a genuine conversation :)

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