Life Elements Poetry


The land of the dead.

A new life awaits the dead.

Crumbled bones; loosened hopes,

Shaking and taking my breath.

The silence of the graveyard

curtailed the beauty of the wreath.

Look into the grave,

See how far you’ve come; he said.

But here, only death surrounds.

Wounded and shattered souls all around.

“Can I stay with you tonight?

I’d rather be dead than alive.”

Alluring, as it may seem;

You’d want to live here forever.

For no one here feels, cries or talk.

No one here hurts, lies or mock.

But go astray.

Leave as soon as you can.

Because all this time I’ve lived here,

I’ve realized;

Sometimes, feeling broken is

way better than feeling nothing.

By Harman 🌻

I am a self-love poet who enjoys sharing words of wisdom, self-love and encouragement to uplift all the kind souls stuck in the paranoia of self-doubt. Feel free to get in touch with me for a genuine conversation :)

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