Love & More Poetry


Dark and deep.

He was right there

Asking me if I could stay

A little more that day.

I know, I wasn’t someone

he would wish to be with,

or silently crave.

But he must’ve felt,

my incompleteness; a certain way

like the Sun without its rays.

Sitting outside in the cold,

All I could see was,

his dark brown eyes staring at me.

All I could hear was;

his whispers, trying to comfort me.

The world seemed a better place,

when he took me in his embrace.

It was surreal.

Speechless, I can say.

I lost the count of words

to express my affection for him.

I missed him

even when he was sitting there,

right next to me.

Well, I couldn’t expect

the same from him.

After all, the graveyard

gives you no option

to bring back the dead.

By Harman Kaur

I help people build their personal & professional life. Give me a chance, and you might just find a friend in me. :)

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