Love & More Poetry


When the chaos of life overshadows me with pain and misery,

I know there’s one person I can turn to in a blink.

Dreams tend to become a reality; I know

but who knew,

the reality would just get better than my dreams?

I imagined a life of calm and peace for me

and nothing short have I now received.

It’s not a fairytale.

Not some other Disney princess crying for a prince.

Just a girl with an immense love for a guy

who never fails to treat her like a Queen.

My world has shattered into a million pieces before

But I picked them up to become the new me.

Growth is about loving yourself,

But also to let others be there for you when in need.

I pushed people away for the sake of my sanity

but I realized; it wasn’t all about the crowd,

but my inner self who had lost the will to be.

All this time, I wasted on loving others;

I forgot about the ones who were in love with me.

But I end this pattern now

and let him stand right next to me.

I see why nothing worked with others.

Why I wondered if I’ll ever get back what I give.

To be in love is all about staying with him

for better or for worse.

Tell me love,

Are you too at peace?

By Harman 🌻

I am a certified life coach and a self-love writer who enjoys poetry, career coaching, graphic designing, branding and digital marketing. I write my heart out in hopes to relate with your pain and walk with you for your revival.

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