Being a Writer, Self-love Enthusiast, Depression Help Volunteer, and a Poet, I find solace in a low-key life. I write about self-love to uplift all the kind souls stuck in the paranoia of self-doubt.

Writing to me is self-talk. It motivates me to provide something of value to the people out there, which ultimately becomes a great way of counselling the strangers-turned-friends.

I love reading books, star-gazing, clicking pictures of the pastel sky, spending time in the rain, and of course – The Moon. I’m a hardcore Selenophile – Give me an entire night of isolation on a terrace, and I’ll be the happiest person alive.

I believe in my strengths as a human Being. I’m forever grateful for the words that rock my world.

Poetry to me is what Sun rays are to the Moon.

My Serene Words

Currently, I’m working on my debut novel. Excited !! Will post about it once I’m done.

Till then, I hope you find here what you’re looking for. And I promise, words can heal everything – literally EVERYTHING or so I believe. 💕

I’m intimidated by the fear of being average.

Taylor Swift