13 Breathtaking Sky Images of India.

Well, hello there!

Before you go through the pictures, I would like to protect my integrity by saying that I’m not an actual photographer.

If you’re wondering why I added this blog in the writer’s essence, let me answer you.

As a writer, our main aim is to write what we feel, what we see, and what we can possibly think of. Being a Nature Lover, I look for inspiration in the lifeless things filled with a vibe that can’t be named.

I’m just an admirer of Sky in different colors. I’ve been quite homesick lately as I’m miles away from my family.

So, I decided to reminisce the old times by sharing a few images that always take me back home where I spent most of my evenings on the rooftop, gazing at the stars, feeling the cold breeze, scanning the sky, and observing my love — Moon.

I love to capture the beauty of nature as it is a soul therapy for me. It brings me peace. And I hope you feel the same.

PS- All the images are clicked from the rooftop of my house except Image 6 and Image 9.

Okay, now you can see. 😶

Image 1.

An angry dragon shooting fire.

Image 2.

Dreamy cloud.

Image 3.

A possible mirage of horizon.

Image 4.

The Sun lost in the clouds.

Image 5.

Oh! The colours.

Image 6.

My favorite from Himachal Pradesh, India.

Image 7.

Fascinated by the Pastels.

Image 8.

Fire broke out in the sky.

Image 9.


Image 10.

Moon is my companion, my love. Forever.

Image 11.

A cotton eruption.

Image 12.

The sunset on a cloudy day.

Image 13.

Breaking through the obstacles – The Sun.

I hope these Images brought a much-needed peace of mind to you, as it did to me.

I’d like to conclude this post by quoting

There is no real beauty more exotic than that of the Mother Nature.

Thank you.

I will post more of these soon. 🙂

Keep observing

30 Deep Relationship Lyrics by Taylor Swift.

Life is unpredictable, and relationships are the core of this uncertainty.

The beauty of emotional bonds is that we never really know what’s coming our way, and what tricks we can use to overcome the unwelcoming events.

For handling such a rush of emotions, we all need a mentor to help our relationships move smoothly.

One such mentor for me has always been Taylor Swift.

I’ve been trying so hard not to post anything out of the box on my website, but couldn’t help my urge to post about her words that got me through my teenage life, and still working out great.

She’s got something for everybody- breakup, pain, love, life, self-love, motivation, writing and so on.

She’s been my inspiration to write for so long that I had to do something for her as a tribute. Her words hold meanings deeper than it seems, and I adore her for everything that she is.

So, I thought why not post some of her lyrics that I absolutely love. I hope you can relate and feel the emotions behind each one of them.

The ties were black, the lies were white.

I promise that you’ll never find another like me.

My mistake I didn’t know to be in love, you had to fight to have the upper hand.

You’re the king baby. I’m your Queen.

I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name.

You got your share of secrets and I’m tired of being the last to know.

I can’t say ‘Hello’ to you and risk another ‘Goodbye’.

Say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.

All I think about is how to make you think of me.

I start a fight ’cause I need to feel something.

I knew you were trouble when you walked in.

He told me I looked beautiful when I was a mess.

We’re never getting back together.. like ever.

You drove us off the road.

I’ve been picking up the pieces of the mess you made.

People like me are gone forever when you say goodbye.

You never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything.

You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest.

I know you by heart and you don’t even know where I start.

You tell me that you love me, then cut me down.

I never planned on you changing your mind.

I’ll put his picture down and maybe get some sleep tonight.

When I left, I wanted you to chase after me.

You held your pride like you should’ve held me.

He poisoned the well. I was lying to myself.

Nothing lasts forever but this is getting good now.

Why’d you had to go and lock me out when I let you in?

I once believed love would be burning red, but its golden like daylight.

I never knew I could feel that much, and that’s the way I loved you.

She’ll never know your story like I do.

Thank you for going through my collection of favorite lyrics by her. Will come up with more of these later.

Do let me know about your favorites too.

Keep swifting. ❤

10 Self-love Quotes to Motivate You.

As tiring as it sounds, trying real hard to fit in the crowd is quite exhausting. It’s soul-crushing to see ourselves struggle while others smoothly receive what they want.

Such a rush of emotions is quite common when people are busy seeking the approval of others to be themselves.

And if you’re reading this, I believe You are one of them.

Well, that’s OKAY.

Below are 10 quotes that I wrote for myself when I felt dragged down in a pitfall, forbidding me to move an inch.

But as wonderful as life is, it gave me words that lifted me up to see a far better world.

So, here I’m providing you with the same aid that helped me fall in love with myself.

Quote 1

The calmest I’ve been in my own skin. The bravest I’ve been in my own eyes.

You’ve been fighting your battles in silence, all by yourself. You know better what you are. You picked yourself up when there was no one around.

There’s no point in asking for validation from people who are not aware of your struggles when they are already busy in enduring their share.

Stay content in being yourself.

(Read Survivor – poetry about self-love)

Quote 2

Craving the warmth of your soul, I ended up falling for mine. Somehow, this was all I needed.

Your self-doubt comes from a place where you didn’t receive the love that you kept asking for, which made you question your worth.

But you deserve better than crossing oceans for unworthy love when you can stay where you are, and let the right ones love you for you.

Treasure the heartbreaks.

(Read You – poetry about self-acceptance)

Quote 3

Come closer, and you’ll see the depth in my eyes. Walk away, and you’ll feel my strength within that lies.

You are Fire. When you love someone, you shower them with all the warmth in your heart to calm their cold and dark heart, to heal them, selflessly.

You are Ice. When someone brings more pain to you than love, you become the coldest of humans and let go. There’s no better revenge than moving on – Fact.

Always maintain the balance.

(Read She – poetry about women’s power)

Quote 4

You said you were bad at everything, but you gave up real good. Ironic, right?

You often indulge in negative self-talk. You keep complaining about things that are difficult for you to operate, expecting others to say otherwise.

There’s a whole lot of things that you know you can do, but you waste your time getting acceptance from others. Why?

Do it before getting their affirmatives.

(Read Shooting star – poetry about self-love)

Quote 5

Use your time on growth instead of planning revenge and strong comebacks.

You are so busy generating ideas to let the other person feel bad for losing you, that you often forget the point of setback from a relationship.

The reason it ended was – You needed to level up your standards, not grab the attention of someone who didn’t value you when you lowered them.

Always prioritize yourself.

(Read Fly – poetry about self-love)

Quote 6

People keep pushing you down, because they are aware of your potential to reach heights.

You might think that they are your friends, who care about you and believe that your dreams are stupid. They stop you because your goals seem unachievable to them.

But your aims belong to you. If you believe you can do it, don’t let the opinions of some scared or jealous comrades doubt your capabilities.

Have faith in yourself.

(Read Look out – poetry about self-reflection)

Quote 7

Let the roots of your existence spread in the world’s barren ground.

You were sent in this world to create an impact on people who needed a vision. You have a gift of an abundance of love and acceptance inside you.

Think of the world as a place where no one knows what you know. So, give them what you have to offer, without the fear of getting rejected.

Stay true to yourself.

(Read Comfort – poetry about self-love)

Quote 8

You keep pretending for the sake of social acceptance, and complain nobody gets you.

You post lavishing pictures and act cool because you want to be popular. But what’s the use, if you have to be someone that you are not?

You might burn the ethnicity of your fellow users into ashes, but no one will know how bad you slept last night with the tears streaming down your face.

Stay real. It’s easy.

(Read Reflection – poetry about self-love)

Quote 9

Why hate your own self for what you truly are?

You keep stuffing your heart with self-hatred and negativity that even others fail to understand why they would fall in love with you in the first place.

If you keep pushing yourself in the dirt, how can others think of you as pure? Talk to yourself the way you would want others to talk to you.

Start valuing yourself.

(Read Hope – poetry about overcoming self-doubt)

Quote 10

Stars never doubt their shine. Then, why do you?

You’ve seen stars, right? Did you ever see them stop shining just because dark clouds covered them? I haven’t. I see them twinkle, far away.

That’s the beauty of being oneself. Never question your existence because there will always be someone searching for your wisdom.

Keep twinkling no matter what.

(Read Issues – poetry about self-love)

Your happiness lies in the person that you are becoming. Period.

You deserve all the love that you are ready to offer.

Keep loving every inch of you for you have what others can’t have. That’s your heart, your thoughts, and YOU.

Thank you for being your amazing self.

Keep being You.