Where were you?

I’ve been waiting for you the whole day.

Sitting in the corner of a dark room,

I kept searching for you.

To talk to you

about how my day went.

To walk with you

in these empty rooms.

To share stories

about the people in my head.

To reveal

my deepest secrets and fears.

To lay next to you

when I’m scared of the demons under my bed.

To accept you

when nobody else is ready to.

To appreciate you

when you feel worthless and upset.

To help you survive

your worst battles.

To make you love your nightmares instead.

To tell you that I love you the most.

To express,

how badly I’ve been missing you.

Are you listening?


I’m talking to you.

Yes! YOU.

The beautiful being in the mirror.


You told her that you loved her,

but you left her stranded in the pain

when she needed you the most.

She begged you to stay,

but she was left shattered on the floor,

with tears streaming down her face;

suffocated by a crowd of people

that she’s always despised.

You told her to go,

aware of her ‘Never Give Up’ trait,

because you were less bothered

if she could ever consider the bait.

It might have satisfied your ego,

for she kept coming back for more.

Not because she lacked self-respect.

But because she’s a woman to believe

in the love she possesses

to calm the beast inside your bod.

You should have loved her

for everything she had to offer,

instead you turned her cold

just like your records.

Her heart filled with all the warmth,

millions would have died for,

that she was ready to give away

just like that,

only for your sake.

She was always there,

when you needed comfort and care.

Not because she couldn’t find someone else

but because she believed in her power

to ignite the negligible amount of good in you.

You made her question her worth.

You made her panic and cry

when all she wanted was

to see you happy, and all in smiles.

You broke her down,

every now and then.

She was afraid of turning toxic

because of your poison,

which was good enough reason

for her to walk away.

And now,

As she strolls in the thoroughfare,

she thanks you for the love you never gave.

Because you couldn’t see her worth

but she believed in the love she deserved.

So, don’t call her up

with your shattered ego,

for your pleasure in the dark,

or for her love that you let go.

Because she acknowledged the Queen within

who has fallen for her own soul

more than she ever did for your rotten corpse.


I’ll never forget.

The war that I’ve fought.

Neither the wounds

That it has caused.

For I’m a survivor.

I let myself heal.

I’m a strong person.

I’ve always been.

But now, I am stronger,

way more than I used to be.

Won’t beg you for your love,

or to see my worth

for my actions will prove

the reason for my birth.

Cause I’m a warrior.

I’m not at all weak.

I’ll let you slide

to others over me.

For you do deserve better,

but definitely not me.


Everything was fine

till the day I realized;

the people I let shine bright,

impeded my rise.

The people I kept myself available for,

were absent all the time.

The people I loved looking after,

didn’t care at all.

The people I would’ve never let go,

were long gone.

The people I would’ve cherished forever,

didn’t consider to recall.


life never stops for anyone,

it keeps going on.

Accept the truth;

bitter yet liberating.

Love yourself enough to move on.

For the world is full of the ungrateful,

until you find the one that’s right.

When? You ask.

Well! They have always been inside.

You’ve just been seeking answers

from the outer world

all this while.


She may question you a lot.

But, she’ll give you

everything she’s got.

She can become the fire,

no longer available

to keep you warm.

Will make you believe;

she isn’t there,

but trust me,

you’ll find her everywhere.

Girls like her

are not easy, I agree.

But that’s just one of the ways,

she chooses to be.

Have a look at her beautiful face,

there’s a lot to be seen.

You’ll discover horrible things

that could’ve made her weak.

But she rose from the ashes

to become the kindest of human being.

Honour her.

For the things she’s been through.

Because now, for her

the world means you.

Value her.

As much as you can.

Cause, once she’s gone,

There is no coming back.


Cried out loud.

But no one could hear a thing.

Looked for someone

To mend my broken wing.

There, I saw nothing

Except for an abandoned stitch.

So, I dragged myself

To the edge of the cliff.

And here, I fly again

Breaking just another myth.


Ashamed of being myself,

I avoided the crowd.

Isolation became my new friend.

Darkness; my long lost home.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Who’ll find a way to save me.”

Tearing, every day and night.

Questioning myself,

I lost the happy me somewhere.

But one day,

Traumatisation ended.

Something ignited my heart.

A reply came to my query,

You! My little ray of hope,”

A grin I saw in front of me

As I conveyed the message

to the reflection in the mirror.