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Category: Life Elements

Brief and concise wordplay to understand the realms of life that are capable of giving you wings, but at the same time, laugh in your face when you fall.


Broken stars craving the embrace of the dark. People begging for the sake of their heart.


The wounds that I dreaded all day have healed my bruised body.

Shooting Star.

The nightmares kept pushing me down into the deep dark hole of survival.


Some battles fought; survived and lost.

Life and Death.

I wonder if I’ve ever let you know, my feelings for you were so true and pure.


Craving isolation, embracing myself, I slept on the couch.


I respect them for they were just being themselves.


Here’s to the words that dig deeper than the wounds.

Look Out.

Go hide in the dark, they’ll still find you. Sit in a lit up room, and feel them around you.


Maybe the people who make you smile, deserve to laugh at the silliest funny lines.