How to build a vision?

I’m sure you are aware of the hype on social media about creating a business, setting goals, mental health awareness, success mindset and entrepreneurship development, but what binds them together is building a vision.

Watch the video below to see how you can build a vision for yourself 🙂

Feel free to contact me if you need to work on setting a vision for yourself. I’m always up for assisting people better their lives. 🙂


Remind me of the child that I was

when the wind just meant air

with nothing more but oxygen that we breathe

and an urge to do something great;

a long list of big dreams.

Take me back to those corny days

when I got cornered by the witches

for being admired for my big brown eyes

that they couldn’t accept;

making me question my worth,

ended up bullying,

Remind me of how hard it was

to overcome the loss of my friends

who turned out to be nothing

but random people shattering me

like a glass as if I wasn’t a mirror

to show them their reality.

Remind me of that young girl

who was traumatized by judgments and

felt misunderstood in the huge crowds,

trying to figure out an escape

and leave everything behind.

Cut to the amazing person

that I forgot I have always been,

who now stands tall and straight

with her eyes on the prize

and the crown on her head

with nothing but victory on her mind.


So many stories to tell.

So much to write about.

Numerous situations,

just couldn’t get myself out.

Broken stars

craving embrace of the dark.

People begging

for the sake of their heart.

Countless people I met,

a few I pushed away

while others straight-away left.


I find myself

keeping my thoughts inside.

I wonder why,

knowing myself feels

way more comforting

than someone else claiming

they’ve been aware

all this while.


And the pain suddenly faded away

with the words giving relief to my heart,

silent. But loud.

The wounds that I dreaded all day

have healed my bruised body;

immensely safe and sound.

The blood dripping down my face,

have now vanished away with the rhymes

that I kept chanting around.

The heartache which

once kept me awake,

now allows me to sleep;

deep & profound.

The unbearable emotions have now escaped

that were once confined in cages

and relentlessly bound.

The voices that I’ve always avoided

like the summer time sun rays

have become regular melodious sounds.

The peace that I would usually crave,


found me in a serene arena,

far, far away

from the erratic crowd.

Blessed to have been lost & played

for this was the ultimate way;

my origin was actually meant to be found.


But here, only death surrounds. Wound

A new life awaits the dead.

Crumbled bones; loosened hopes,

Shaking and taking my breath.

The silence of the graveyard,

curtailing the beauty of the wreath.

Look into the grave,

See how far you’ve come; he said.

But here, only death surrounds.

Wounded and shattered souls all around.

“Can I stay with you tonight?

I’d rather be dead than alive.”

Alluring, as it may seem;

You’d want to live here forever.

For no one here feels, cries or talk.

No one here hurts, lies or mock.

But go astray.

Leave as soon as you can.

Because all this time I’ve lived here,

I’ve realized;

Sometimes, feeling broken is

way better than feeling nothing.

Life and Death.

With my heart

keeping all the words inside,

And my mind

making me believe in disguise;

There’s this part of me;

trying to reach out to you.

Running, crawling, falling;

flying in the wide open sky,

in pursuit of a way to get to you.

And then,

there’s the other;

holding my head high enough

to stare at the Sun in its eyes.

I wonder if I’ve ever let you know;

my feelings for you

were so true and pure.

Mesmerized yet traumatized by love,

misery, your eternal rest

and the breaking ties.

Engulfed by my own thoughts and surmise,

I hereby surrender myself

To the fundamentals of being alive.


And when I was told

to be a part of the crowd,

I chose to sit back;

safe and sound.

They asked me ‘Why?’.

“No one’s there.” I said.

“I want peace instead of sound.”

Humiliation, I felt.

Questioning my sanity,

they left me unbound.

Craving isolation,

Embracing myself;

slept on the couch.

Here, I see myself;

Sitting on one of the dark clouds,

Trying to reach out.

Stranded yet content in myself.

Fed up of my “flaws”,

I called your name,

To help me overcome your loss

But you pushed me down.

Perplexed; I cried

with blood dripping on the ground.

They came running,

asking me for my whereabouts.


I couldn’t say it out loud.

“I’m alright”

They laughed at me,

aware that it was a lie.

Wide awake;

Surrounded by shady figures,

Putting words in my mouth,

Finding solutions to my ‘wrongs’,

Breaking down my walls,

Taking over my thoughts.

I felt tired.

Decided to explore and come out,

Became a part of the crowd,

Escaped my awkward shell of coyness.

And as expected,

I saw no one around.


With my tired soul,

still shivering of the bruises

and the pain that it once felt,

the trauma that I’ve been through

and the attempt to wipe off the mess,

I forgive every single person

who made me question my strength,

and pray for the growth

of their fixed mindset,

for we’ve all got problems in life,

the solutions to which,

we find hard to get.

So, I respect them,

for they were just being themselves.

Wouldn’t want

a single more second wasted

on crying, and to beg

for the people who cared enough

would’ve never given up and left.

I wonder if I ever caused

someone to feel the same kind of unwell,

I apologize for my unawareness

that everyone could easily comprehend.

I acknowledge the wrongs

that I never really meant,

the harsh words

that provoked them to get mad and yell,

for they deserve better than

being someone else’s doormat.

I wonder why

I religiously worshiped the hell?

Though the damage

that I caused and received

shouldn’t deliberately

make me feel that upset,

for I am a person,

And I was too just being true to myself.


Here’s to the poetry

that is written for one,

recited for another,

given meaning by the third.

Here’s to the words

that make me rejoice

while i stay awake and wonder

if you ever cared enough

for me to open the gate

to free the bird.

Here’s to the poetry –

that beautiful shade in the rain,

my only source of joy

with the breathtaking thunder.

Here’s to the words

that dig deeper than the wounds

and sprout the flowers

of love and freedom

making me feel less like a blunder.

Here’s to the poetry

that instilled life in the remains

of a carcass fading away

making me believe in

the power of my pain

and my soul getting younger.

Here’s to ME

for giving out a piece of myself

every time I share my words,

my poetry – my children

for the love of my grace.

So thankful for the wonderful escape,

I give in. I surrender.

Look Out.

Are you looking at the way

they are looking at you?

Go hide in the dark,

they’ll still find you.

Sit in a lit up room,

and feel them around you.

Making room in your heart

like a beautiful work of art.

Keep looking inside yourself

the same way you did the last time.

I hereby plead in front of you,

to free yourself from this race

trying your hardest to win the crown.

Cause everything will fade away.

And they’ll always drag you down.

It’s not your beauty that they envy,

but their flaws that they try to hide.

For the demons under your bed

will keep tormenting your soul;

trying to pull it apart,

as long as you keep feeding them

like you did right from the start,

with all your disheartening lies.