When the chaos of life overshadows me with the pain and misery,

I know there’s one person I can turn to in a blink.

Dreams tend to become the reality; I know

But who knew,

the reality would just get better than my dreams?

I imagined a life of calm and peace for me

And nothing short have I now recieved.

It’s not a fairytale.

Not some other disney princess crying for a prince.

Just a girl with an immense love for a guy

who never fails to treat her like a Queen.

My world has shattered into a millions pieces before

But I picked them up to become the new me.

Growth is about loving yourself,

But also to let others be there for you when you are in need.

I pushed people away for the sake of my sanity

But I realised; it wasn’t all about the crowd,

but my inner self who had lost the will to BE.

All this time, I wasted on loving others;

I forgot about the ones who were in love with me.

But I end this pattern now

and let him stand right next to me.

I see why nothing worked with others.

Why I wondered if I’ll ever get back what I give.

To be in love is all about staying with him

for better or for worse.

Tell me love,

Are you too at peace ?


He was right there

Asking me if I could stay

A little more that day.

I know, I wasn’t someone

he would wish to be with,

or silently crave.

But he must’ve felt,

my incompleteness; a certain way

like the Sun without its rays.

Sitting outside in the cold,

All I could see was,

his dark brown eyes staring at me.

All I could hear was;

his whispers, trying to comfort me.

The world seemed a better place,

when he took me in his embrace.

It was surreal.

Speechless, I can say.

I lost the count of words

to express my affection for him.

I missed him

even when he was sitting there,

right next to me.

Well, I couldn’t expect

the same from him.

After all, the graveyard

gives you no option

to bring back the dead.


I see you playing games

with my already frustrated mind.

I can not help but wonder

if you are still the same guy

who made me believe in love

and that we’d build a wonderful life.

The song you used to play

to praise my eyes and smile

has suddenly vanished away

for I haven’t heard it in a while.

Well, I guess,

now the melodies have changed

and your words have lost their rhyme.

Your heart might be the purest of all,

and your good deeds might be infinite.

But I think you aren’t aware;

breaking beautiful hearts can cost you

an irrecoverable loss for a lifetime.


I still don’t wish any ill for you,

for I’ve loved having you by my side.

Even though

my words may seem harsh sometimes,

I would never want you to feel lost

like a raindrop in an overcast sky.

Go on, and have your dreams fulfilled;

the ones you’ve always talked about

for revenge isn’t my thing, love.

I’ll see you grow with the love of your life

while I love myself enough

for not needing a love that was never mine.


You pulled me closer to your chest,

I could hear my heart beats going wild.

I was so in love with you,

couldn’t help but ignore all the negative signs.

I remember that dark cold evening

when our hands were intertwined.

You whispered those three magical words

while looking straight in my eyes.

The Sun had set a long ago.

It was past midnight

when I felt you breathing next to me

and your lips caressing mine.

Your fingers stroked the hair on my face.

Damn! I was rising above cloud nine.

Everything felt beautiful,

like a little earthen lamp

who had discovered its long lost light.

Until the day

these wonderful dreams

turned into horrible nightmares

when you started deceiving my sight.

You uttered all the right phrases

but your actions proved otherwise.

You put words in my mouth

when I wanted to stay quiet.

You caused me misery and pain

while claiming I was one of a kind.

I was yours to keep and love

but behind the caged bars,

I felt confined.

Boy! I was hurting,

still made you believe you can fly.

And you paid me back with nothing

but a permanent scar inside.

Now that I’ve let you go,

I hope you are doing alright.

But one thing I can assure you of –

seeing the woman who loved you for real

walk away half bruised and tainted

because of your inadequacy to hold on to her,

will haunt you for life.


You told her that you loved her,

but you left her stranded in the pain

when she needed you the most.

She begged you to stay,

but she was left shattered on the floor,

with tears streaming down her face;

suffocated by a crowd of people

that she’s always despised.

You told her to go,

aware of her ‘Never Give Up’ trait,

because you were less bothered

if she could ever consider the bait.

It might have satisfied your ego,

for she kept coming back for more.

Not because she lacked self-respect.

But because she’s a woman to believe

in the love she possesses

to calm the beast inside your bod.

You should have loved her

for everything she had to offer,

instead you turned her cold

just like your records.

Her heart filled with all the warmth,

millions would have died for,

that she was ready to give away

just like that,

only for your sake.

She was always there,

when you needed comfort and care.

Not because she couldn’t find someone else

but because she believed in her power

to ignite the negligible amount of good in you.

You made her question her worth.

You made her panic and cry

when all she wanted was

to see you happy, and all in smiles.

You broke her down,

every now and then.

She was afraid of turning toxic

because of your poison,

which was good enough reason

for her to walk away.

And now,

As she strolls in the thoroughfare,

she thanks you for the love you never gave.

Because you couldn’t see her worth

but she believed in the love she deserved.

So, don’t call her up

with your shattered ego,

for your pleasure in the dark,

or for her love that you let go.

Because she acknowledged the Queen within

who has fallen for her own soul

more than she ever did for your rotten corpse.


I would love you

for everything that you are,

with all my broken pieces

and a recovering heart,

if you promise me

that you won’t leave

when things get hard.

For all the love and care

goes down the drain

each time you give up on us,

becomes a sign

that solely claims

your infidelity towards me,

right from the start.


I used to put on makeup for you.

But guess what?

He has seen me at my worst

And still thinks I’m pretty.

I used to wait for your texts.

But guess what?

He is on call with me

whenever I’m in need.

I used to pray for you.

But guess what?

He wants the best for me.

I used to question your ignorance.

But guess what?

He ignores others to be with me.

I wanted care from you.

But guess what?

He leaves me no choice

But adore his concern for me.

I loved you. But guess what?

He loves me.


I saw my world; trembling.

It was hard to hold the ground.

My eyes kept looking for you,

who was nowhere to be found.

The melodious songs I once loved,

turned into harsh unpleasant sound.

My lips started stammering

that once knew no bounds.

I could’ve stopped you from leaving,

but you were running all round.

So, I let you go, broke myself,

and wore a tear-studded crown.


For all your efforts

went in vain,

trying to build us

a castle in disguise.

For all the hurt,

bruises and pain,

deeply from my heart,

I apologise.

I’m sorry for I acted insane;

excessive heat in the name of sunshine.

Treated you like a star

when you were the moon;

wisest of the wise.

I’m glad that now,

you no longer have the storms,

lightening or rain,

with my exit

for the inability to reflect

my rays.

All I wish for you is

happiness and love

in your life

with the one who’s safe,

calm and will surely let you rise.


There he goes,

flawless in all manner of ways.

So perfect, like a dream,

taking me to a world without woes,

far exhilarating

than where we’re supposed to be.

He’s the only person I see,

the only man I want to be with.

His bewitching black eyes,

sweet and soothing smile.

warm embrace,

with his hands wrapped around my waist,

his unavoidable calm vibe,

his kindness that I awfully adore.

His charm,

impeding infidelity from my side.

I don’t have the whole,

But merely a part of him completes me.

Perfectly imperfect are we.

Like the sun and its shine.

Damn. He’s one of a kind.

Or maybe

One in a million kind of guy,

sent in the world,

Just for me.