Get Published.

When I had just begun writing, I wanted to have a platform where I could post and interact with other writers who would guide me and tell me where I needed to make improvements. However, being a self-learner, I just went through that phase alone. Considering the fact that there are other platforms too but everyone is busy building their profile that they don’t have time to help others.

So, I decided to create a space for the other writers to get what I never got. Plus, I want people to speak up and feel heard.

My aim of asking you to submit your writing on this website is to help you express your emotions and writing skills on a larger platform. I believe that real growth is to let your feelings out even when it’s uncomfortable. So, you ready?

Take it as my payback for the love and personal growth I’ve earned from this site.


  • An original poetry about self-love or Something that is inspiring.
  • A blog related to self-love (500-1000 words)
  • Collection of original motivational quotes or about self-love. (Minimum 5 Quotes)
  • Your own journey to self-love (No Word Limit, BE YOU)

(Come on ! Inspire People)

I’m genuinely hyped up to see what you’ve got to offer !!


  • Amazing Community you can confide into.
  • Editing and graphics done by me.
  • A great source to increase your organic reach.
  • Constructive Feedback from me and the other writers.
  • Grab productive opportunities by networking.
  • Overall development & growth as an individual


Contact me via the contact form to talk about the topic you want to write about. If it’s your journey to self-love, feel free to be yourself and write what you want. No one’s judging ! 🙂

Please add a link to your website in the mail.

I request you not to copy or plagiarize someone else’s work.

Once approved, send me the link to your profile and a little bit about yourself for introduction on your blog post.

Later, you can make the payment. 🙂


I know, most of you will probably drop this idea after hearing the charges, however, I guarantee you that it will be worth it.

How, you ask! Well –

  • My Serene Words is a growing website with a great reach per post. For instance – Love, Comfort, Scribbler, and many more.
  • Better pay $60 for promotion of your website than hire a $4000 Digital Marketing Team.
  • No extra expenses on promoting your account or website. It is ONLY organic reach.
  • Guidance and constructive feedback from amazing writers.
  • Editing, topic suggestions and graphics, all done by me.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this !

All you have to do is write. Rest, I’ve got you covered !