Everything was fine

till the day I realized;

the people I let shine bright,

impeded my rise.

The people I kept myself available for,

were absent all the time.

The people I loved looking after,

didn’t care at all.

The people I would’ve never let go,

were long gone.

The people I would’ve cherished forever,

didn’t consider to recall.


life never stops for anyone,

it keeps going on.

Accept the truth;

bitter yet liberating.

Love yourself enough to move on.

For the world is full of the ungrateful,

until you find the one that’s right.

When? You ask.

Well! They have always been inside.

You’ve just been seeking answers

from the outer world

all this while.

116 responses to “You.”

  1. Perhaps like seasons, people too change as the wheel of time carelessly moves on. Sometimes more than the separation itself, it hurts more when the illusion of love breaks. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post!

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