Hidden Power Poetry


Let’s talk.


Where were you?

I’ve been waiting for you the whole day.

Sitting in the corner of a dark room,

I kept searching for you.

To talk to you

about how my day went.

To walk with you

in these empty rooms.

To share stories

about the people in my head.

To reveal

my deepest secrets and fears.

To lay next to you

when I’m scared of the demons under my bed.

To accept you

when nobody else is ready to.

To appreciate you

when you feel worthless and upset.

To help you survive

your worst battles.

To make you love your nightmares instead.

To tell you that I love you the most.

To express,

how badly I’ve been missing you.

Are you listening?


I’m talking to you.

Yes! YOU.

The beautiful being in the mirror.

By Harman Kaur

I help people build their personal & professional life. Give me a chance, and you might just find a friend in me. :)

142 replies on “Reflection.”

Just when I thought It was about someone else….you twisted the plot. It was about you. It was juicy. Appreciate your effort.

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