Life Elements Poetry

Life and Death.

The pursuit of the dead.

With my heart

keeping all the words inside,

And my mind

making me believe in disguise;

There’s this part of me;

trying to reach out to you.

Running, crawling, falling;

flying in the wide open sky,

in pursuit of a way to get to you.

And then,

there’s the other;

holding my head high enough

to stare at the Sun in its eyes.

I wonder if I’ve ever let you know;

my feelings for you

were so true and pure.

Mesmerized yet traumatized by love,

misery, your eternal rest

and the breaking ties.

Engulfed by my own thoughts and surmise,

I hereby surrender myself

To the fundamentals of being alive.

By Harman Kaur

A self-love writer who creates authentic websites for fellow writers and poets to build their professional portfolios. DM for more details.

74 replies on “Life and Death.”

आसान जीना है यहाँ, मौत को लोग बेवज़ह याद करते हैं,
गैरों की बात सुनने में हम अपनों का वक़त बर्बाद करते हैं।   

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